Block Cipher Encryption Notes

Implementing encryption in my project Vaulty I decided to spend some time and to read more about block cipher to better understand all concepts that I’m using in my code. So, if you have ever asked yourself the quesion “what’s nonce?” then check my notes »

Map of a CTO land

I have worked as a CTO in startups doing different things and working on different areas of product and company. I’m continuously looking for information to draw my map of a CTO land. In this way I structure my experience and knowledge to find gaps there. So far I have found 3 big parts of it: Culture, Technology and Operations. »

Stop before you start new journey

I don’t know how to start this post… It’s time for me to move forward. But it seems I have been moving forward my whole career :) Maybe it’s time to switch? All right. It’s definitely time to do something new and different. My initial desire is to jump »