I'm not blogging

I have tried blogging multiple times. But without success. It’s difficult for me to be sustainable in writing. I have many reasons to not write. For instance…

I don’t have anything to share now.

Frankly, I don’t believe that I don’t have topics to write about. But it’s really hard to stop and think about things I can share or things I can make notes for. Sometimes I just call my friends and discuss some topic that worries me and this helps me to sort my thoughs and ideas in my head. No need in sharing then.

It’s hard to write in English

Maybe it was a reasonable reason. But now I’m not spending hours trying to build sentences or trying to find what is the tense I have to apply here. I just type and don’t care too much about it anymore. The main goal is to be understood. Also, I have reaslized that writing is a missing part in my language learning.

It’s hard to write and be right

I’ve noticed that if you have an opinion on some subject or believe in something then you should talk about it carefully. I mean that it can be wrong or not applicable for someone. Or someone has problems with this. So I started to think in neutral words and terms and after this all colors and energy dissapear from what I want to share.

Or… Next week I will change my mind on the topic. Ha-ha.

But. I will try one more time. Because I see value in trying :)